In my opinion, artists have two jobs. The first, is to tell the truth. And the second, is to express in detail the complexities of public and private life – those things which are felt but cannot or will not be said; those moments that exist both collectively and in our own consciousness; those things that cause us pain, and those that keep us alive. 


I’m also a firm believer in the personal as political - that there is no such thing as art that isn’t saying something about identity, life, or the state of the world. So, I choose to wear my heart and my ideas on my sleeve. I am determined to change the world through my music - to make people think, to make them angry, to make them cry, to challenge them, and also to heal them and make space for them to be complicated and whole.

My music is also about exposing lies – the lies that our history has told us, the lies that people in power try to sell us, and also the lies that we tell ourselves.

My music is about detail – the importance of every single word, every single note, every single silence – all in the service of emotion.


More than anything, I want to make you FEEL. Everything.