New York Times

“Samora Pinderhughes sang to a rapt, swaying crowd, his hands caressing the keyboard and his head tilted askew. His voice came in a high peal, testifying and beseeching, between Miguel and Thom Yorke. As a composer, Mr. Pinderhughes has no interest in limiting himself. There were plaintive, open-landscape chord progressions followed by eager, dashing piano solos… [his song] had the pure poetic goods to become a modern-day anthem.”

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“Turbulence and tension puts a premium on art and artists that can puncture or help process the moment. Pinderhughes is such an artist. And he’s been busy, among other things, creating what some have surmised will be the soundtrack of the social justice movement.”


'With his new album,‘The Transformations Suite,’ this gifted musician, composer, activist, and homeboy simply wants to marry the political with the sublime and liberate us through love by whatever means necessary. Is that too much to ask?'

Village Voice

“Beyond Music: Samora Pinderhughes blurs the lines between music, poetry, and activism. He travels from contemplation to exaltation, anger to healing.”

PBS News Hour

“Composer and artist Samora Abayomi Pinderhughes wants to make music that makes listeners live differently.”