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The Healing Project is a boundary-breaking musical and visual project exploring the daily realities of violence, incarceration, policing, and detention in communities across the United States. It is a search for the many meanings of what it’s like to live and love in environments of state violence.


In this country where we jail more people than any other, and where violence has become a reality of daily life that we all seem to accept as normal, it seems that we don’t really understand the toll these things take on the human beings who experience them the most.


The Healing Project uses music, and the stories of people in their own voices, to show the true damages of the systems we participate in - and then seeks to provide alternative ways for us to protect, heal, and support each other outside of these systems that oppress us.  

The Healing Project will have 3 different sections: an album, a touring physical installation, and a policy paper. A team of world-class musicians, composers, and visual artists - with guidance from legendary playwright Anna Deavere Smith, iconic visual artist Glenn Ligon, and luminary composer Vijay Iyer -  will come together to create music and art inspired by and using the recorded audio of Samora’s conversations with people around the country who have experienced trauma in different forms; these new compositions will form the backbone for the building of a physical space that audiences can walk through and experience 3-dimensionally, to hear people’s stories, be inspired and affected, learn about healing strategies, and work on changing this country from one that punishes and oppresses to one that heals and takes care. 

This project is produced by Anna Deavere Smith; includes collaborators such as Glenn Ligon, Josh Begley, and Sabaah Folayan; and is supported by Art for Justice, the Soros Justice Fellowship, Unbound, and Creative Capital.